Can't Seem to
Get Unstuck?

Can't Seem to
Get Unstuck?

What We Offer

Programs that get people back on their feet
Teen Intensive Outpatient Group
If your Teen is experiencing school failure, suicidal ideation, unusual isolation, depression or anxiety that has not responded to traditional outpatient therapy, KSBH may be your answer. KSBH’s Intensive Outpatient Program offers an Innovative & Holistic approach to Individualized Intensive Outpatient Treatment offering connection and action focused programing that includes the family.
Life Skills | Teens
Are you concerned about your Teen entering high school or leaving for college? Are you worried about their ability to make good decisions, communicate effectively, and develop healthy relationships? Help them discover WHO THEY ARE in our Life Skills and Personal Development program that is designed for any teen who could use some help defining their goals, working through their concerns, embracing their strengths, and becoming the best version of themselves.
Life Skills | Young Adult
Can you just not seem to get back on your feet after high school or college? The adult world is full of challenges that many of us were never properly prepared for. This program can help you define your goals, work through concerns, embrace your strengths, and become the best version of yourself.
Family Skills
Parenting today is hard, and sometimes scary. Whether you face particular challenges in your family, or you could just use a few tips to create an even stronger family unit, the KSBH Family Skills program can help! Mental health issues, behavioral health issues, traumas, or just the demands of daily life may hijack our family balance. Our Family Skills program can help your family reset. We will help you understand the decisions and pressures your children are facing, address your own pressures, offer you practical and effective parenting strategies, present you with tools to improve family communication, teach you how to develop healthy parent/child boundaries, and show you how to implement healthy family habits that will restore the family you love.

CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step to better your mental health or the mental health of a loved one.

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