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Open Door

Employee Assistance Program


Open Door assists employers by providing workshops and individual assistance to their employees and families about mental illness. It’s a cost effective roadmap that has led to a healthier, more productive and happier workforce for participating businesses.

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According to the World Health Organization, depression is projected to be the 2nd leading cause of disability worldwide for individuals 15-44 for both males and females combined.
How will this fact impact your workforce? How will it impact your company’s performance? How will it affect your bottom line?

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and others affect your employees and their family members. Mental illness affects the way people work, communicate and function. Even if the employee him/herself is not affected, the mental health crisis of a loved one can seriously jeopardize your employee’s own health and performance.

That’s why KSBH has developed a new program to help businesses and employees deal with any current or future mental health concerns.

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The Open Door program allows your employees to be easily navigated through the complicated mental health services of the St. Louis metro area to get the right help for their situation in a timely, individualized, and affordable way.
We provide an OPEN DOOR ORIENTATION to EDUCATE your employees about MENTAL HEALTH.

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$15.00 per employee
or a minimum guarantee of $240.00
  • We support your employee with individualized and confidential treatment plans.
  • We follow up with your employee to ensure that referrals we provide were helpful and that your employee is supported in their efforts to receive help.

Note: There is no requirement for employees to “enroll” in this service, and there is no payroll deduction. Employees who have received Open Door orientation and education are eligible for this “as needed” individualized care plan for only $50.00 or their co-pay (whichever is less).

Please browse the brochure below for more information, or contact Emily Smith, Executive Director, KSF at 618-234-7312 or emily.smith@karlasmithfoundation.org.

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